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The Last Shadow Puppets

Separate and Ever Deadly

When we walked the streets together
All the faces seemed to smile back
And now the pavements have nothing to offer
And all the faces seem to need a slap.
Thereís an unfamiliar grip
On an unfamiliar handkerchief
Attending to the tears on cheeks I wouldnít notice with you
No matter how vicious the grief
Her expression was damp and crooked
Grabbed onto my throat and wonít let go

Save me from the secateurs
Iíll pretend I didnít hear
Canít you see Iím a ghost in the wrong coat
Biting butter and crumbs
Thereís a handsome maverick
You donít talk about to keep me calm
And I canít help it if I create a version
That pulls you back onto his arm
Please donít tell me
You donít have to darling, I can sense
That he painted you a gushing sunset
And slayed angry panthers in your defence.

And he stands separate and ever deadly
Clings onto my throat and wonít let go.

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